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Staff alert: confirmation of interest notice for civil service mobility

To all mobility applicants,

We would like to remind you that you should expect to receive automated email contact on 1 January 2022, to request that you confirm interest in your applications to Civil Service Mobility.

This is in accordance with the terms and conditions of Civil Service Mobility, which state that:

“An annual e-mail will issue to all applicants on 1 January to confirm continued interest in their application(s). All applications that are declined or not confirmed within 20 working days will be withdrawn. The staff member may re-apply, however, the application(s) will be prioritised on the new date that the application is made.”

Individual emails will issue for each live application, including applications currently on hold. It is highly recommended that each mobility applicant records a valid ‘Home’ email address on their ‘Personal Information’ page on the HR self-service system.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Applicants will have twenty working days to confirm interest for each application.
  • Each application will require separate confirmation.
  • Decline of interest or taking no action will result in applications being cancelled.
  • All applications will require confirmation, including applications that have been placed on hold.
  • All applications must be confirmed during this period. Allowances cannot be made for officers not taking action due to being on any form of leave. 

NSSO customers without access to the self-service system should request that the Central Mobility Team confirm interest on their behalf. This includes remote workers, staff members on sick leave, or a leave of absence (Career Break, Shorter Working Year, Domestic Leave, etc.). Any confirmation requests should be made in writing to This request should detail each application to be changed, and the action to be taken.

Officers with access to their self-service system must confirm or decline interest through the self-service. The self-service can be accessed here and an outline of how to access this component is provided below.

Officers who are deemed to have access to the self-service system during the confirmation period will not be facilitated by the Central Mobility Team.

How to Confirm Interest

*This action will not be available until notification issues on 1 January 2022*

Log into your self-service system here, and you should see the first application (by order of first application made) requiring action in the ‘Pending Mobility Requests’ box in the middle column of the home screen. Click on the ‘View’ link to enter the application:

This will bring you to the individual application action page, which can also be reached through the ‘Review Requests’ section of your Mobility Homepage.

You can confirm your interest in pursuing the application by hitting the button ‘Confirm Interest’:

Please note that pursuing the  ‘Cancel’ option results in the application being cancelled. Non-response will also be reflected as a cancellation, after the deadline for response has passed.

After confirming interest, the next application requiring action will be automatically highlighted for you; and so on, until all actions are completed. Any outstanding actions will be highlighted in the ‘Pending Mobility Requests’ box, as above.

Please note that there will not be any email notification sent upon confirmation of interest.

To verify that your continued interest has been properly registered, simply enter the application through the Review Requests page and affirm that the ‘Confirm Interest’ option is no longer available.

Further information about Civil Service Mobility can be found here.

Please forward queries in writing to in the first instance.


Central Mobility Team

National Shared Services Office