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Annual travel pass scheme: certain cases

Uploading a photograph

Find the video guide for resizing a photo and also for uploading a photo here.

If the required photograph is not uploaded, you will not be able to proceed with your application. If a photo is required, a photo must be uploaded at the time of application.

Applications may require a photograph due to:

  • certain travel providers request a new Photo ID each year.
  • for TaxSaver travel providers, if you have lost or replaced your Leapcard in the last year, we will be required to create a new profile for you and therefore need a new photo.

The photo maximum size is 64KB. The photograph is stored securely on the e-form, and will only be used externally with the provider you have requested to travel with, and declared on your e-form as such, to obtain your card.
Once your travel pass case is complete, you may delete your photo from the HR self-service system if you wish.

NSSO HR Services will try to accommodate you where possible including, but not limited to, providing explanations of how to upload, the requirements for the photograph quality, and, where possible, cropping photographs if required.

The vast majority of photographs are of digital standard, and can be used in this process. The onus is on you to comply with the standard of picture quality and size, however, where possible, NSSO HR Services do accommodate customers whose photograph is unusable, and needs to be replaced.

Lost Leap card

If you have lost your Leap card you need to go to and register that you have lost your Leap card on your account and request a new one. The NSSO do not need to be informed if a registered Leap card has been lost/stolen until such time as a new annual TaxSaver Leap card is being requested.

Lost travel pass

If you have lost your annual travel pass (not your Leap card) you need to contact the NSSO immediately via entitling the email ‘lost travel pass with (Provider Name)’ and within the contents of the email supply the details of your ticket type, when it was lost/stolen, and your contact details.

Transferring to another department

Employees transferring to another department within the civil service/public sector can retain their travel pass tickets with the expressed permission of their local HR unit. If you are retaining your pass, your local HR unit will deal with the transfer details of this process through the standard transfer process.

Please ensure you are aware of any variants of policy between your existing and new department.

Cancelling your travel pass

Please fill in the cancellation form and email it to with the subject matter of ‘cancellation request of travel pass for (month cancellation should be effective from)’.

Note that this is an annual contract, and if you request a cancellation for whatever reason during the year, you are liable for any shortfalls in the amount still owing to the Department on your behalf. Cancellation requests must be made before the 5th of the month prior to the date you wish to cancel.

Cancellations will only be valid from the 1st of the month. Late cancellation requests will result in delays in processing and may result in possible losses to the customer. Example: A cancellation request on 05/06/2023 would be effective from the 01/07/2023.

Financial repercussions of cancelling a ticket early

Please note that monetary shortfalls and calculations of refunds vary between ticket types and providers. The calculations will be provided to you once a cancellation form has been emailed in appropriately.

Retiring or taking a career break with an active travel pass

Travel passes are the property of the employer, any outstanding monies owing to the department under employee schemes will be deducted in compliance with guidelines stipulated under circular 50/2001. Any monies that remain outstanding to the department post-termination of employment will be recouped after your departure, and will no longer be eligible for tax relief under the Scheme.

If you need to retain use of the travel pass after your departure, please inform NSSO employee schemes directly (by phoning 0818 107 100, or emailing, at least 30 days prior to your cessation date.

Please note, under the terms and conditions of the travel pass scheme, employees who cease this 12-month contract prior to its expiration are liable for any shortfalls that are stipulated by the travel provider.

If Go-Ahead has taken over as the provider of your bus service

Bus Saver tickets and Leap cards work as standard on these routes too. See here for further information. Ticket types ‘Dublin City Bus’ offer serviced routes with both, Dublin Bus and Go-Ahead.

New members of the civil service

You can only join the scheme at the point in time that the scheme is advertised, and subject to your department's internal policies – this is especially critical for any temporary or new staff.

Travel pass scheme affects on pension or overtime

The salary sacrifice will have no impact on pension contributions or on pension benefits, in accordance with the rules of the civil service pension scheme. The salary sacrifice will have no impact on overtime and other allowances normally calculated as a percentage of basic pay.

Renewing your travel pass

When you apply you are in the scheme for one year. An application will be required for each subsequent year of participation; please be advised that the onus is on you to renew your travel pass as no reminder will issue for these renewals.

If applying for a renewal of a pass outside of the two standard application windows (usually January to December, and July to June), and this pass is still being honoured by your department, please email us at

Please note: renewal requests must be submitted by the 14th of the month prior to expiration. For example, a renewal request is needed before 14/03/2023 to be effective from 01/04/2023.

Deadline for ordering tickets

The deadlines for applications will be set by the NSSO and communicated to all customers through an email alert. See above question if you are renewing a ticket.

Paying for the scheme

Monies for the tickets will be deducted from your gross salary. Deduction are calculated by the cost of the Pass spread over 50 weeks or 25 fortnights, depending on your frequency of pay. After you have filled out the application form online, the NSSO will instruct payroll to deduct the cost of the travel pass from your salary.

*Please note that deductions may not occur until the end of the 1st month – If your deductions have not commenced by the end of the first month, please contact us:

Activating your travel pass

Luas and Irish Rail

Loads automatically once you tag-on at your first point of contact.

Bus Éireann and Dublin Bus

Request a balance check at your latest Payzone, and this will activate your card. Payzones are advertised and available at many newsagents and stations.

Combination tickets

Request a balance check at your latest Payzone, and this will activate your card. Payzones are advertised and available at many newsagents and stations.

Private operators

If using a Leapcard, the annual pass will automatically load when you use the service for the first time. Non-Leap card travel cards do not need to be activated and are ready to use from the relevant start date.

The Leap card app for Android phones allows activation and balance check capabilities. iOS is awaiting capability.

Further information on renewing and activation is available on the Leap card website.