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Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

On 13 July 2021, the Irish Government introduced legislation for mandatory gender pay gap reporting in Ireland in the form of the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021.

This report sets out the gender pay gap statistics for the National Shared Services Office (NSSO) incorporating staff employed during the reporting period June 2021 to June 2022. The information in this report has been prepared in accordance with the principles laid out in the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021, which requires organisations to report on their gender pay gap on a specific day in June. A reporting date of 24 June 2022 was selected by the NSSO to record the information for this report

The analysis shows that the NSSO’s gender pay gap is 0.35% in favour of male employees. This means that the average hourly rate for our male employees is 0.35% higher than females during the reporting period. The hourly rate includes basic pay plus overtime for the reporting period. However, when calculated on the median hourly rate of male and female employees in the relevant pay period, our median gender pay gap is 7.56% in favour of female employees.

During the reporting period, the NSSO had 803 employees, 540 females and 263 males. This includes 103 part time employees, 93 female and 10 male. During the reporting period, the NSSO had 25 temporary staff, 18 females and 7 males, who are not included in the total head count.

All employees are aligned to published Civil service pay scales. This ensures equal pay for the same work irrespective of gender, with incremental progression based on satisfactory performance and years of service.

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Gender Pay Gap Report

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