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Information on COVID-19

Latest guidance on COVID-19

Special leave for COVID-19

Under circular 02/1976 part IX, a civil servant who has been in contact with an infectious disease must absent themselves for work for as long as is advised by their doctor or the HSE.

The line manager must raise a COVID-19 ‘special leave with pay’ eform through HR self-service, as with sick leave. The line manager should submit an unscheduled absence form as soon as they are aware that an officer is taking special leave for COVID-19.

Current provisions

Special leave for COVID-19 is allowed for civil servants or civil service offices where there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, or a need for civil servants to self-isolate.

Duration of leave

If you have a confirmed case of COVID-19, special leave with pay may continue for up to 7 days if necessary. Your leave must be supported by a positive test for COVID-19 and by ongoing medical certification.

If you are still unwell after 7 days, you will then move to ordinary certified sick leave; see our information on certified sick leave for further details.

You should send medical certification directly to the HR unit of your employing department for special leave for COVID-19.

If you move to certified sick leave after 7 days, your medical certification for that from day 8 of the absence may need to be sent to instead. Please discuss this with your HR unit if necessary.

Payment while on leave

You will continue to receive your normal salary for the duration of the special leave.

Normal paid sick leave rules apply after special leaves exhausted and sick leave starts.