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MIR update: payroll IDs for new hires

Within the Hire MIR, a Payroll ID will no longer need to be provided when hiring a new officer. This will now be handled by the system and a Payroll ID will be assigned automatically. While this is only available to some Departments at present, this functionality will be in place for all PSS Departments in the coming months.

If you are unable to input a Payroll ID for a New Hire, it will be automatically assigned by the MIR system. This functionality is currently available for all Departments on CivAP and will be rolled out to Departments on CivBP and CivCP in due course.

For a Rehire, the current process still remains in place. Where the MIR system auto-populates a Payroll ID, this is the value that should be used. When this field is blank you can either provide a Payroll ID received from PSS or leave blank for the PSS to assign to the officer.