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Staff Alert: Annual Travel Pass Scheme January 2024 – December 2024

NSSO HR Services is now accepting applications for the January 2024 – December 2024 Annual Travel Pass (ATP) Scheme.

Please read the following alert in full, as it contains important information regarding the application process for this year’s ATP Scheme. Please carefully consider your application if you are currently on the blended working model, as Tax Saver cost savings may only be beneficial to those commuting on a full-time basis.

Managers: Please ensure that this notice is brought to the attention of all officers currently absent from the office.

Local HR: Please ensure that each case created on behalf of one of your officers is created in the officer’s name and not in the name of the Local HR staff member. New tickets for 2024 will be sent directly to Local HR for dispatch.

The information below is relevant only for new applicants and those requiring a renewal for the January 2024 Travel Pass – if you have a current valid pass due to expire later in 2024, DO NOT apply now.

The closing date for applications is 4pm 10 November 2023.

Application Process:

Applications must be made through our website. Here you can find all details of travel providers participating in the scheme, and the terms and conditions of the Annual Travel Pass Scheme.

Choose the correct ticket type from the list available on or your provider’s website before submitting your application.

After completing the Travel Pass e-form, you will receive an automated e-mail with a Case ID. It can take up to one day for this email to issue. The Case ID should be treated as confirmation that your application has been received. Please use this Case ID as a reference if contacting us in relation to your case.

For staff who do not have access to the Travel Pass e-form on our HR self-service system, you can complete the Travel Pass application form here and email it to with the subject line ‘January 2024 Travel Pass Submission’, before the application window closing at 4pm on 10 November 2023. Any late applications cannot be processed.

Important Points:

  • Please be aware: There may not be a financial benefit in applying for an Annual Travel Pass if you are not commuting full time or you are working as part of a blended/remote model, as Tax Saver cost savings may only be beneficial to those commuting on a full time basis.
  • New applicants only: Please note that digital passport-type photos are required to issue your ticket. The photo must be a maximum size of 64KB, and must be the format of a .JPEG.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the form has been completed correctly and that a photo is attached to the e-form if required.
  • Please ensure that you have chosen the correct ticket type from the list available on or your provider’s website before submitting your application.
  • For those renewing who have the same Leap Card as previously issued to them by HR Services, tickets will be uploaded to this Leap Card.
  • For new applicants or those who no longer have the same Leap Card as issued to them by HRSS, your Leap Card will be posted out to your local Human Resources section.
  • Applicants requesting a new ticket from LUAS must use a personalised Leap Card ordered from
  • Applicants requesting tickets from private providers, such as Swords Express or Matthews Coaches, must use a personalised Leap Card ordered from

Leap Cards must be registered, this can be done here: Register your Leap Card. Failure to register your card will have financial implications and cause significant delays if your card is lost, damaged or stolen. If you have replaced the original card issued to you, please email

Please note that the new photo uploaded may not override the pre-existing photo on your provider issued travel card.

If you have any queries in relation to the scheme, please refer to our website. If your query has not been answered, please submit a question by email to quoting your case number. For urgent queries you can also call us on 0818 107 100.

Kind regards,

Employee Schemes Team

National Shared Services Office

October 2023