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Staff alert: Changes to the purchasing of notional service

Dear colleagues,

We are issuing this notice to notify you of an important process change update relating to the purchase of notional service. This process change is needed to ensure the National Shared Services Office (NSSO) can process all purchase of notional service in time for, and in line with, an officer’s birthday.

This alert is for all staff, except members of the Single Pension Scheme (SPS). For SPS members, the Expression of Interest (EOI) window to purchase service or transfer a private pension value, is now closed for 2022. The EOI window will reopen on 1 January 2023. For further information on the SPS, please visit

The following process changes have been implemented:

All staff whose birthday falls on 14 November 2022, or after, are now required to give 12 weeks’ notice should you wish to purchase notional service. Any staff member whose birthday is before 14 November 2022, and wishes to purchase notional service, is required to give 6-8 weeks’ notice.

Please note, cases should not be raised outside of this window. This may result in your case being closed.

If you wish to purchase notional service, or you wish to receive a purchase of notional service costing estimate, please see the Pension Modeller User Guide on our website, which includes all the relevant steps you will need to take.

Staff who wish to purchase service periodically (deductions from your payslip) - any cases raised after the notice period outlined above will be closed, and you will have to wait until your next birthday to periodically purchase service.

Staff who wish to purchase service by lump sum (one payment) - this option is available throughout the entire calendar year. If your case is raised after the notice period outlined above, your purchase will be calculated based off your age on your next birthday. Lump sum payments cannot be deducted from your payslip, or your retirement lump sum. Staff can only purchase one lump sum purchase per year, as per Circular 04/2006, paragraph 6.

Further information on the terms and conditions for the purchasing of notional service are outlined in Circular 04/2006.

If you have any questions about this, you can email us at, or call us on 0818 107 100.

Managers: Please bring this notice to the attention of staff on leave or out of the office.

Kind regards,

Resignations and Retirements Team,
National Shared Services Office,

August 2022.

Please do not respond to this email as this inbox is not monitored.