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About ePMDS


PMDS supports all employees and managers in managing and improving individual performance, to enable current and future Civil Service reform. ePMDS is the online system for helping all employees and managers to complete, revise, and submit their PMDS forms digitally.

There are many advantages of this system, including:

  • Pre-populating fields
  • Drop-down menus
  • Hints and tips on how to complete the form
  • Paperless communication between employees and managers
  • Easy access to your records.

You can log in to ePMDS here.

How the ePMDS cycle works

At the start of every year, staff in all departments or offices joining PMDS will receive an email about goal setting. The email includes a link to ePMDS, which you can log on to using your NSSO username and password. When you click into your goal setting form, ensure that your manager details are correct. If not, contact your Local HR immediately.

If you are a manager who has delegated PMDS to another manager, you can reassign an employee’s PMDS Form directly from your ePMDS Home page. For information on how to do this, please see the Job Aid here.

If you are an Employee who is Acting up’ in a higher grade, who needs to set goals based on the competencies of your higher grade, please see the section below on this page here.

Who does what in ePMDS

NSSO administers ePMDS and carries out various tasks related to this. If you have any queries on the ePMDS system or process, please read the ePMDS user guide.

Local HR Units are not involved in running ePMDS. Its focus is strategic; implementing policy, promoting awareness across the organisation, and managing compliance. Local HR Units retain an active role when cases are escalated and any outcomes from that.

The ePMDS system is owned by our partners at the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER), and local HR should raise any policy queries with our partners at DPER Policy.

Please click here for an overview of the competency framework.

Further Information

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