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Add an annual leave day

What it is

Employees are entitled to extra annual leave based on their service or grade history.


This entitlement can be affected by employees availing of unpaid leave (for example: career breaks).
Annual leave entitlements vary according to grade and length of service

General service grade entitlements


Depending on your grade you may be eligible for an increase of annual leave after 5 years and 10 years of service.

Those on the Clerical Officer and Executive Officer (and equivalent) grades also receive an increase after 12 and 14 years of service.

How to apply for add an annual leave day

1) Fill out this form. Scan the form and submit through the case management system. If you can only submit your form by post please put your existing case number in the box if applicable.

2) Click on attach, enter your case management user ID and password. Click on 'add a case', fill out the online form and attach the form. You can also hand the form to your manager for completion.

3) If you are an employee and are unsure of the process for you, consult pages 21 to 25 of the how-to guide. If you are a manager and are unsure of the process for you, consult pages 21 to 25 of this how-to guide.

4) If your request is approved is given, you will receive a confirmation email. In the email will be a link to attach additional documentation if they are required. If you can only submit your additional documentation by post please include the cover sheet with your documents.

5) If you have a general question about adding an annual leave day, you can submit a HR case.