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Blended working


The Civil Service Blended Working Policy framework outlines the general provisions for allowing blended working to Civil Service employees.

Each individual department may set out their own guidelines to determine the eligibility criteria that must be met for those who wish to avail of a blended working arrangement.

In order to confirm what eligibility requirements are applicable to your department, please contact your local HR unit to request a copy of your department’s internal blended working policy document.


To submit an application, you can log into HR self-service.

Blended working e-form applications should only be completed in circumstances where your Department/Office has a formal blended working policy in place. In this regard, it is noted that some Departments/Office are still in the process of finalising their blended working policies.

You can submit an application for blended working through your HR self-service page. Please see this e-form user guide for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for or approve an application for blended working.

Do not submit your request on the e-form without first discussing and agreeing the arrangement with the approving managers.


All blended working applications are subject to the local approval of managers. When considering an application for blended working the managers should review the internal department policy to ensure that the request falls in line with what is allowable within the department, and ensure that all of the eligibility criteria applicable has been met before approving the request.

Blended working requests require two levels of approval from two different managers. Further details regarding how to approve, deny or review the e-form applications are available in this e-form user guide.

Issues when using the e-form

If you encounter any issues when using the e-form, please take a screenshot of any errors that you receive and contact the HR Contact Centre on 0818 107 100 for assistance.

Request for review of denied application

If you have had a blended working application denied, you have the right to request a review of your application and receive details of the reasoning as to why your application was not approved. There is a facility available on the e-form which allows you to submit your review request through the self-service system.

The internal reviews are performed by local HR units, and are not managed through the NSSO. Any queries or requests for follow up on any review requests should be issued to your local HR unit.