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Death in service

What to do if an employee dies in service

If an employee dies while in service, their family or another third party should notify the deceased officer’s department or office about the employee’s death. The Local HR unit will then handle the exit process.

NSSO will remove the employee from the payroll and Local HR will send a bereavement letter to the family contact or legal representative.

Read this information sheet for next-of-kin about the death in service process.

For members of the Single Pension Scheme, please see associated information on circular 11/2017.

If the deceased employee has a spouse or children

If the deceased officer has a spouse/children, local HR will issue a spouse’s application pack to the spouse. They will need to complete this and send it to NSSO, which will calculate any pension entitlements and arrange payment.

The NSSO will contact the family/legal representative with details of any death gratuity payable to the estate and issue the relevant application forms. NSSO will deal with all other activities to complete the exit process.