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eInvoicing for suppliers

The NSSO’s Finance Shared Services Division fully supports the national approach to compliance with the EU Directive (Directive 2014/55/EU) on electronic invoicing in public procurement. The NSSO has been a key contributor to a European Standard on electronic invoicing across EU Member States.

As part of our implementation of a single Financial Management System for Central Government, the NSSO is partnering with Celtrino, the company appointed to provide the eInvoicing portal for all of central government. This partnership enables supplier invoices to be digitally transmitted to central government via a real-time interface. eInvoicing offers significant opportunities and benefits for suppliers and the NSSO will liaise with you to support you in using this service. Read more about eInvoicing here

The NSSO has benefited from EC grant aid, as part of a consortium to foster the uptake of eInvoicing services in Malta, the Italian region of Sicily, and Ireland. We would like to thank IT Sligo for the extensive support provided by them in project-managing this endeavour.

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