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Expenses (travel and subsistence)

You can login into payroll self-service here.

The following guides will provide you with step by step instructions on how to submit and approve expenses (travel and subsistence) on payroll self-service.

How-to guide: Payroll self-service for employees

Expense claims need to be approved by 17.00 on Friday in order to be paid to you on the following Friday. Events such as bank holidays, Easter and Christmas can accelerate these deadlines. Please check the News page of this website for updates on these events, when applicable.

If you cannot see your approver, you will need to contact your local HR and they will arrange for you to be assigned to your correct approver.

Department of Public, Expenditure and Reform circulars in relation to travel and subsistence are available on

Circular 23/2021 – Domestic Subsistence Allowances

Circular 13-2019 – Domestic Subsistence Allowances

Circular 08-2018 – Domestic Subsistence Allowances

Circular 07-2017 – Subsistence Allowances Abroad

Circular 06-2017 – Domestic Subsistence Allowances

Circular 05-2017 – Motor Travel Rates

Circular 05-2015 – Subsistence Allowances

Circular 11-1982 – Travelling and Subsistence Regulations

Foreign Travel Policy Guidelines 2009