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Paternity leave


You qualify for two weeks’ leave under the Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016 and Circular 18/2016 for children born or, in the case of adoption, placed, on or after 01 September 2016. In the case of a multiple birth or the adoption of more than one child, the entitlement to paternity leave remains at one single period of leave.

You can avail of two consecutive weeks’ leave, starting on the date of the birth/placement date up to 26 weeks after this date. The leave is for a maximum of two weeks, regardless of the number of children born.

Only one person who is a relevant parent to the child may apply for paternity leave.

You may not avail of paternity leave under the Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016 if you avail of Adoptive Leave under Section 6 of the Adoptive Leave Act of 1995.

When to apply

Applications for paternity leave must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the expected day of placement, or of the expected date of birth of a child.

To submit an application, you can log into HR self-service. To attach supporting documents, to view progress on an existing case, or to submit a manual application form, you can log into the case management system. Please note: only officers without HR self-service access may submit manual forms.

This leave may commence at any time from the date of birth (or placement in the case of an adoption) to 26 weeks thereafter.

Documents you need

To apply for paternity leave, you will need the documents listed below. You are responsible for completing all forms fully. The NSSO may not process your request if you don’t include all the information.

  • PB2 Form (Post 1995, Class A PRSI contributions), and
  • Medical certificate, or
  • Birth Certificate for retrospective applications, or
  • In the case of Adoptive Leave, a Certificate of Placement or An Adoption Declaration of Eligibility and Suitability (‘Adoption Order’).

Postponing paternity leave if you become ill

In the event of sickness of the relevant parent immediately prior to the commencement of paternity leave, the paternity leave may be postponed. Such postponed leave can be resumed on a date agreeable to the relevant parent and the employer, but end no later than 28 weeks after the date of birth or day of placement.

Postponing paternity leave if your child is hospitalised

In the event of the hospitalisation of the child, the paternity leave may be postponed. Such postponed leave is to be taken in one continuous period commencing not later than 7 days after the discharge of the child from hospital or such a date which is agreeable to the relevant parent and the employee.