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Payment in lieu

As a civil servant, you can claim leave in lieu or an additional payment for a public holiday when you are not scheduled for duty, under the terms of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 .

Local HR will decide whether payment or leave in lieu applies, and it must approve this before processing payment.

How to apply

You should apply through your self-service account on the payroll self service, under the option for ‘Miscellaneous Claims’.

You can login into payroll self-service here.

  • If you are a civilian driver or remote worker, please apply for this payment via the case management system, attaching a completed additional payment form to the case.
  • If you work in the Road Safety Authority or in Ordnance Survey Ireland, you should apply directly to your pay centre.

Supporting documents

Other options available

Under the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997, an employee shall, in respect of a public holiday, be entitled to whichever one of the following their employer determines, namely:

  • a paid day off on that day
  • a paid day off within a month of that day
  • a paid day off within a month of that day
  • an additional day of annual leave
  • an additional day's pay