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Payment of increments

To view the progress of an existing case, you can log into the case management system.

Generally speaking, increments become due and are paid to you on the first anniversary of your start date or the date when you started in your current grade. The NSSO automatically identifies increments that you may be owed. Increments are awarded to you if you achieve a rating of ‘satisfactory’ in PMDS and you have a satisfactory sick leave record. You need to have completed the previous year’s ePMDS for any increments to apply, or else they will be on hold.

  • The NSSO refers increments to Local HR each month for approval
  • If Local HR approves the increment, the NSSO will update your HR and payroll records
  • If Local HR does not approve the increment, the NSSO will defer your increment until the next date Local HR specifies
  • If you wish to appeal an increment deferral, please contact your Local HR. They will notify the NSSO of any change in the decision on the increment.

Supporting documents

Guidelines for Operation of Sections 2.24 and 2.25 of the Haddington Road Agreement

Circular 08/2013: Revision of pay of Civil Servants

Finance Circular 09/1987 – Increments

Circular 20/2015: Expiry of Increment Measures under the terms of the Haddington Road Agreement

Circular 07/2019 “New Entrants”

Circular 04/2020 - Re New Entrants post 1st Jan 2011