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About payroll

About payroll self-service

Payroll self-service is an online facility available 24/7, which allows you to view your payslips, submit and approve overtime and expenses, along with other services.

The full range of services is outlined below. However, as access to each of the services is set at user or organisation level, not all options may be available to you at this time.

Services available on payroll self-service

  • View payslips
  • Submit overtime
  • Submit expenses (travel and subsistence)
  • Approve overtime
  • Approve expenses (travel and subsistence)
  • Update bank details
  • Update email address
  • View Additional Superannuation Contributions (ASC) certificates

How to register for payroll self-service

To register for payroll self-service you will need a “Token”. Tokens are issued by the NSSO usually within two weeks from your first pay date. If this time has passed and you have not received a token, you can email to request a token.

Please ensure you include the following in your email:

  • your name
  • name of your organisation
  • your payroll or PPS number
  • a valid email address

This is for data protection and account verification purposes.

Register for payroll self-service as a retiree

When you are set up on payroll for the payment of your first pension payment, you will receive a letter from NSSO advising you of how to register and view your payslip on payroll self-service. If you are already retired and would like to access payroll self-service please contact to arrange for your set up.

Log into payroll self-service

You can login into payroll self-service here.

If you have any queries about the login process the following guides will provide you with step by step instructions on how to log into payroll self-service.

How-to guide: Payroll self-service for employees

How-to guide: Payroll self-service for retirees