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To view the progress of an existing case, you can log into the case management system.

If you are successful in applying for promotion, your local HR unit will raise a case on the case management system detailing your new annual leave allowance, salary, and other relevant details. The NSSO will then update your HR and payroll records.

If you want to check the progress of your promotion case, you should contact your Local HR to get the correct Case ID before contacting the NSSO.

Higher duties (acting up to a higher grade) allowance

Officers can be assigned to Higher Duties or an Acting Up allowance at the discretion of Local HR in line with the parameters of circular 38/2007: Allowances for the performance of the duties of a higher grade.

These allowances are paid in arrears on the 85th day of acting up, in line with the circular. Arrears will be paid back to the commencement date of Higher Duties in the payslip that the 85th day of acting up falls in. (Also known as ’84 day rule’)

The value of Higher Duties allowances are calculated on a per annum basis in line with the terms of Circular 08/2019: Revised arrangements applying to starting pay

Supporting documents

PCW Restructuring

Circular 38/2007: allowances for the performance of the duties of a higher grade