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Beware of cyber fraud

The National Shared Services Office (NSSO) is again raising awareness of the variety of cyber threats and fraud risks we all need to be on the lookout for; through our Fraud and Cyber Security Awareness Campaign.

Each one of us needs to be vigilant in protecting our personal information as fraud and cyber security issues are a real concern; for the NSSO, for our customers using our services and our staff. We are encouraging you to please be wary of the following;

Organisation Replication fraud

Beware of being invited via email to enter any NSSO website (, and

You may be asked by scammers to click on a link for an urgent update or to validate pay details. There are a number of scams operating at present, and clicking on strange links or websites could download malware, or result in a bitcoin ransom.


The NSSO will not contact you in this way, unless you are required to register on our Portals.


Beware of strange emails, texts or phone calls purporting to be from the NSSO looking for personal information.


  • Don’t click on unusual links
  • Do not divulge personal information

The NSSO does not initiate contact with a customer and ask for personal information online.

If you receive a suspicious text message or strange email alluding to be from the NSSO, please alert your office’s IT Helpdesk. Please also email the NSSO at to alert us of the attempted fraudulent activity.

For customers without access to an IT Helpdesk we advise deleting suspicious emails and keeping your Anti-Virus up to date.