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Payroll (certain cases)

How starting pay on promotion is calculated

Starting pay on promotion is calculated in line with the terms of Circular 08/2019: Revised arrangements applying to starting pay. You will be placed on the most favourable salary under the terms dictated by this circular.

Payslip, PAYE deduction or voluntary deduction queries

For queries about your payslip, PAYE deductions or voluntary deductions, please refer to the document Your payslip explained.

Accessing your P60

With effect from 31 December 2019, the P60 was replaced by the Employee Detail Summary. It is no longer issued by the employer; it is issued by Revenue and can be accessed via MyAccount on Revenue online services.

Issues with delayed increment payment

If your increment had been placed on hold awaiting PMDS, your local HR must send an instruction to the NSSO advising your increment can be awarded. Please contact your HR unit in such circumstances. Other queries on the payment of increments can be directed to us at

How to apply for payment in lieu of a bank holiday or additional attendance

If you are employed by OSI or RSA, please contact your local payroll. Otherwise, please apply through your payroll self-service account.

Completion of salary certs or forms

For information on the completion of pay-related forms, please refer to our Completing pay-related forms page.

Ordering a breakdown of outstanding overpayment balances

Please email us at for further assistance/to order an overpayment balance breakdown

Hypothetical calculations of pay for promotion, higher scale assignment or higher duties allowance rates

We are not in a position to provide hypothetical calculations for any of the above pay progressions. You will be advised of your new salary on assignment, promotion or higher duties by your local HR once the case has been fully processed by the NSSO.

Why your salary may not match a point on the pay scale

A 'step 99' or an 'off-point' is a salary value on a grade that does not sit on any of the fixed points on the scale. There are a number of situations in which you can be placed on off-point:

  • assignment to higher scales
  • promotion to current pay and allowance
  • salary on Temporary Rehabilitation Remuneration (TRR)
  • on instruction from HR
    • re-hire as analogous grades
    • due to incremental credit

When you are off-point, an on-scale date will be calculated based on the value of your off-point salary. If you are rehired as an analogous grade, you should retain your previous increment date.

How to apply for refund of fees for an academic course

Refund of Fees is processed and administered by your local HR unit. Please contact your HR unit directly for queries relating to Refund of Fees.

How to apply for incremental credit for previous service

Please contact your local HR unit directly to request that your previous service be considered for incremental credit. If approved, HR can then raise a case on your behalf outlining instructions to award your incremental credit, advising a revised future increment date and, if applicable, a new point on scale.

Illness Benefit queries

For general queries on Illness Benefit please visit our Illness Benefit information page or contact the Department of Social Protection directly. Your employer will receive payment from the Department of Social Protection (DSP) for your absence. Your HR will inform us of the value of Illness Benefit remitted to them, and we will process this through your pay. When DSP make a payment they will inform Revenue, who reduce your tax credit and standard rate cut off point, and submit a revised Revenue Payroll Number (RPN) to payroll. You can check this by logging onto Revenue’s MyAccount.

Overtime, allowances or expenses queries

The NSSO cannot advise on entitlements to claim overtime, allowances or expenses, however we can assist with navigating the system to claim these. Please refer to the How to guide: Payroll self-service for employees on our website for details on how to input claims on the system, how to approve claims and other helpful tips.

Becoming an approver for Overtime or Travel and Subsistence

Please contact your local HR, who can issue a set-up instruction for this.

Queries about pay-affected sick leave (half pay, nil pay, TRR)

Our Absence Management team can assist you with queries on pay-affected sick leave. Please raise a case to the Absence Management team using the Case Management System self-service facility. Please set the Category as ‘Absence Management’ and the Requirement as ‘Request for Information’.

Queries about Shorter Working Year Pro-Rata (SWY PRR) deductions

Please refer to our Shorter Working Year guide which outlines how the SWY deduction is calculated and also gives other details on SWY pro-rata.

Net pay estimates if you reduce your workshare pattern

We do not provide net pay estimations. You can estimate your net salary using the calculations in the Your Payslip Explained guide.

Gross pay estimates if you reduce your workshare pattern

Please multiply your full-time gross annual, weekly or fortnightly wages by the new Full Time Equivalent (FTE) you wish to apply. For example: An officer’s current full-time pay is €51,859.00 per annum.

FTE 0.8 (4 days per week) = €51,859.00 * 0.8 = €41,487.20 per annum.

FTE 0.6 (3 days per week) = €51,859.00 * 0.6 = €31,115.40 per annum.

FTE 0.5 (2.5 days per week) = €51,859.00 * 0.5 = €25,929.50 per annum.

How to change your bank details

Please be advised that the NSSO only update bank details at the point of hire, as a fraud control point. You have the facility to automatically update your bank details yourself on your payroll self-service account. Please refer to the How to guide: Payroll self-service for employees.

Queries about Employee Schemes

Our Employee Schemes team can assist with queries on annual travel pass, cycle to work, and visual display unit (VDU) applications. Please raise a case to Employee Schemes using the Case Management System self-service. Please set the ctegory as ‘Payroll & Remuneration’ and the requirement as ‘Employee Schemes’.

Payment of due arrears

If you are due arrears from cancelling leave, providing a medical cert or completing your PMDS, please allow for a minimum processing time of 10 working days. This is subject to payroll deadlines.

Reduction of pay when awarded an allowance

If you were previously promoted while holding an allowance, you have been reverted to ‘notional’ pay. If you need additional information on this, please raise a case using the Case Management System self-service facility. Please set the Category as ‘Payroll & Remuneration’ and the Requirement as ‘Pay Query’. Ensure you include details of your query in the text box provided.