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Leave management

Although local HR is not involved when employees apply for annual leave, it is involved in the approval process for several types of non-annual leave. These leave types are listed below, together with the leave types that an employee’s manager can approve directly.

Leave approved by managers Leave approved by local HR
Ante-natal classes Accompany a spouse abroad
Bereavement (if does not exceed entitlement) Appointment with an International/EU Organisation
Civil Partnership Registration (paid) Career Break
Interview Carer's Leave
Jury Service Civil Defence
Marriage Leave (paid) Charitable Organisation, Social and Culture Organisation
Paternity Leave Family Illness Leave
Parental Leave Force Majeure
Union Business Study/Exam
Witness in Court Represent Ireland in Sport
Reserve Defence Forces

Non-annual leave that managers can approve

For all non-annual leave requests that require the approval of Local HR, employees will submit the request using employee self-service and the employee’s manager will provide a recommendation regarding the employee’s request.

NSSO will then email Local HR about the request awaiting its approval. Local HR can approve or deny the request even if the employee’s manager has recommended otherwise.

The NSSO will adhere to the minimum lead in times for each non-annual leave type as set out by the relevant circulars (see the supporting information below). Employees may also be denied non-annual leave if they fail to meet the specific eligibility criteria for the specific leave type as set out by the relevant circulars.

Once NSSO receives the instruction from Local HR, it will put in place the next steps. For example, if the leave has been approved, NSSO will instruct payroll to amend the employee’s annual leave if applicable.

If you are unsure about how to use the online system, consult the how-to guide.

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