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Reporting and exceptional HR requests

The reporting team provides local HR with reports generated using data from HRMS.

Reporting and Local HR

The reporting team encourages each Local HR team to give feedback on the reporting catalogue to ensure that it keeps meeting their needs and provides an effective service.

Reporting also manages any ad hoc requests for reports raised by Local HR through the CMS. As with the scheduled reports, the ad hoc cases are uploaded to the DMS once they are completed, password-protected, and checked.

Exceptional HR data and Local HR

Exceptional HR data are parliamentary questions (PQs), data protection and representation requests (reps). Departments or offices receive these requests about HR data or documents from Local HR through the CMS. Once the reporting team receives these requests, it will give them high priority status.

Local HR may need to provide more information so the team can carry out the request correctly and promptly. Once the report is complete, it will be checked, password-protected and uploaded to the DMS. Local HR will receive notification though CMS that the report is available for viewing.

If you are unsure about how to use the online system, see the How to Guide.